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Echo CAD

A dispatch software for first-responders focusing on providing timely intake procedures & streamlined unit dispatching. 
Understanding the Company Goals & Objectives

Echo CAD, provided by Infield Vector LLC, is a SaaS currently deployed on the medical campus at Arizona State University (ASU) with hopes to expand beyond the college campus. Dispatchers often will work with 6+ desktop monitors at a single time to be able to quickly multi-task between viewing their map, unit information, call logs, etc. With the goal to make the current software more user-friendly, the UI was re-created to effectively reduce the need for multiple desktops that can ultimately create lag within the dispatching process.


The intent of the final design is to unify the dispatch user flow as much as possible so that any functionality can be quickly achieved in as few screen clicks as possible.

Role Responsibilities & Team Structure

This project was a contracted, self-lead product redesign that was heavily based on user interviews and establishing an understanding of necessary tasks to complete and dispatch a unit from the initial 911 call to medical unit response. The CAD redesign specifically focuses on web implementation. 


This was a freelance project with a team of one, handling all design & research responsibilities. Communication between dev & stakeholders was frequent to properly convey designs & user needs to ensure success beyond the contract.

Designs at a Glance

Incidents Messaging Page
Inter-Unit Messaging Portal
Inter-Unit Messaging Portal

Dispatchers can easily update responding units with new information quickly and easily from anywhere within the application. The messaging portal is designed to be familiar and unobtrusive to information on the screen.

Access Detailed Information On Incidents

Important data such as previous events at the current incidents, incident history logs, responding unit locations, call report transcription, and messaging, can all be accessed within the specific incident page.

Extended Incident Page
Map Unit page
View Medical Unit Locations In Real Time

Dispatchers have the option of viewing all units within a live map interface. Each available unit can be quickly assigned to any unassigned incidents while simultaneously verifying the capabilities of each unit.

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