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Small Steps To A Healthier You
Initial Company Ideals

With the purpose of making a short ad video that utilizes data visualization to showcase the company, we were encouraged to create and develop a brand identity for the fictitious company: eMotion. In order to satisfy the requirements of a set number of data types, l thought It would be more appropriate to create a promo video that the company can use as a teaser for their daily activity tracker app.

This was a student project.

eMotion is a technology based company that promotes a healthier and active lifestyle through incremental changes. With the drive to create easy to use interfaces that both engages with the world and simplistic in its usability. "Trust, safety, loyalty, and love", a business mantra that maintains the importance of the user over everything else. Its about the people who want to see more data and change the way they live their lives. 

Pre-Production with timetable & storyboard.

Logo Implementations

I wanted a dynamic feel for the eMotion logo. Exploring multiple avenues of abstraction of the 'em',and propelled figures both within a boundary box and outside. I decided that the simple 'em' typographic marking with an energetic 'e' was the best way to showcase the company's

emphasis on technological simplicity.

Unified Imagery

Using predominately scenic nature backgrounds in all promotional materials ties the company with a sense of tranquility and thus safety. Rather than using exercise heavy images, using nature as a foreground to display the eMotion brand, further implements eMotion's belief that "health is incremental" and doesn't need to be this overly straining gym session. 

emotion mock.png
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