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Personalized Emoji Keyboard for Android
Initial Design Idea

Prompted to create a unique app following the guidelines of Google app layout, I created UMOJI. An app that lets the user take or import photos to create personalized emojis that can be directly downloaded to the phone's keyboard without any additional extensions.

This was a student project.


There are plenty of apps on the market that create stickers and emojis based on user customization. However, what makes UMOJI unique is the ability to take images and create a special avatar for the user. Creating these unique experiences and opportunities to personify text messages; UMOJI hopes to give the users more control of their social presence by providing the power of personalized interactions through digital media!

Press Release

For a further look at my research and design process:

UMOJI Case Study.

Take photos easily by entering the camera function on the UMOJI app. Take the photo and 'cut' out your face using the scissor tool. The app will automatically create your avatar after confirming your photo.

Simply Start With A Photo

Completely make your UMOJI yours by giving it the special touches that make you, "you". Whether it's outfits, glasses or accessories: we've got you!

Take It Further With Some Customizations

It doesn't take a genius to implement your UMOJI within your keyboard– really it doesn't. Just tap the 'save to' icon and the app will automatically upload your created UMOJI and their emotion library to your keyboard.

Easily Save To Keyboard
We're Even Here For Tablets!
Give My Prototype A Go:
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