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Allowing users with low & aided-mobility to effectively plan navigation routes through AR, VR, Alexa & mobile applications.
Initial Design Idea

Tasked to create a connected environment that enables a user to hand off a singular digital experience between multiple devices, I decided to focus on navigational design for those with low and aided mobility and its integration within artificial reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), smart voice assistant (Alexa) and a mobile interface as a unified experience.


This was a student project.

Wayfind is designed specifically with low & aided-mobility users in mind and providing needed resources to 

independently self-navigate. Using various modes of tech, the user will ultimately be better prepared in planning their navigation routes. Wayfind will provide information regarding to route conditions on the user's preferred navigation directions.


The entire Wayfind ecosystem hopes to propel accessibility assistance in technology by properly preparing and providing aid in self-navigation efforts.

wayfind mockup 1.png
Easy & Readily Available Information

Preferred navigation routes can be quickly determined by having information regarding current route conditions be forefront and easily readable. Building access and information regarding to accessibility standards are provided on the destination's profile page allowing for smooth planning throughout the user's day.

Determining Accessibility of
Trains & Buses

A wheelchair icon is shown next to accessible navigation routes as well as next to incoming buses and trains that are ramp accessible reducing any uncertainty users might feel when predetermining their way of travel.

wayfind mockup 2.png
wayfind promo.gif
Implementing VR

With the integration of VR, users experiencing low & aided-mobility are able to plan and prepare for any high stress environments– like airports, train stations, etc.

Want to see Wayfind in action?

Click the video for an inside look at how Wayfind works.

Stock footage provided for by Videvo

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