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Serious Play:

Womb Chair 

Exhibited at the Next Stage Gallery

for the exhibition: "Midcentury Musings: Design for a New Way of Living" on May 9th, 2019

The objective is to create an engaging motion experience that can be used as a promotional and educational tool alongside the Denver Art Museum's "Serious Play: Design in Mid-Century America". Our object of focus was

assigned by chance. 

This was a student project.

Project Goals

When pre-producing the video, I went in with simplicity and sleekness in mind. Inspired by various technology and clothing promotion videos, I wanted the womb chair to be captured in an almost abstract and artistic way with moments of red flairs and dramatic closeups. The chair's minimalism and beautiful simplicity are further conveyed through a simple color palette of white, black and red: a color scheme popular in the 1950's when this chair was first introduced to the public.

View my pre-production

Emphasizing A Message

The womb chair was created to cradle every possible sitting position and was herald as a chair to evoke safety and being held "in the womb". Using music that mimicked the human heart and incorporating a human element to interact with the chair– I wanted to create a sense of "humanism" with the object and bring it to life. The red humanoid shows the possibility of the chair through the visual assumption of weight and acts as a conduit for the viewer, allowing the audience to implant

themselves into the video and into the chair. 

Music:  Mattia Cupelli – "Royalty"

3D model: TurboSquid

Serious Play Poster.jpg

This informational poster was created by fellow students: Tiare Venuti and Libby Yi.

It was displayed alongside the video to provide informational context.

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