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UX/UI screens for Mobile Passport+ created by Cydney Phan

Mobile Passport+

Making Digital IDs Secure and Credible
Initial Design Idea

Using the design guidelines created by Apple to be supported by the iOS app store, the class was tasked to create an extension of an already existing app. I chose to expand upon Mobile Passport, an app created for usage during the TSA process.

This was a student project.

The original Mobile Passport+ app was created to only be used when re-entering the country by scanning and filling out border control customs. Inspired by my foreign friend who lost her visa and only has an expired passport, creating an app that the user can upload all forms of identification as either a supplement or be a primary form of authorization both abroad and at home would propel the outdated paper IDs into the future.

ios app design_lists of ids.png
ios app design_id ver 2.png
Verification at Your Convenience

Easy to understand and clean interface allows the user to navigate between tasks easily and effectively. Using security methods that the user is already familiar with: pin code, fingerprint scan, etc, allows a more pleasurable experience and eases stress or confusion. 

Security At Its Best

Researching the newest technology, Mobile Passport+ provides the most secure technology to provide user confidence in the app. With the use of HD Barcodes (used for scanning ID badges for doctors and nurses) for ID scanning; the user can trust all their private information is secure. 

Multiple Modes of Security 

Choose the level of security that feels the most relevant to your life. Establishing trust between user and interface, the user is given control of what and how much their mode of verifications are.

Know Where Your ID is Going

Track exactly when and where your ID gets scanned directly within the app. Being able to access every time  your ID gets used allows complete monitoring capabilities to better alleviate fear of fraud and theft.

Instructive and easy to follow 

landing pages for user success

Securely login to access

previously stored documents

One app to do it all: store plane ticket info for easy access

Access custom papers early 

to make re-entry a breeze

mobile instructs.png
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